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El arbol de Guernica3

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El Arbol de Guernica:The Basque Country- Biscay Province


The Sacred Oak Tree of Guernica

Guernica Tree. (On-line image). Available<http:///dametzdesign.com/euzkadi.html> February, 16 2007.

Discussion Questions:

1. When was El arbol de Guernica planted?
The original tree was grown in the 1300’s, but 450 years later it died, so they replanted another oak tree that came from an acorn on the original tree. In 1858 they planted another tree that survived the bombing in Guernica, but later died of a fungus. The current oak tree was planted in 2005. The Biscayan government keeps several acorns from the “father” tree (original) so they can keep replanting from a descendant.
2. What people were involved in making this tree so significant to Biscayan people?
In the Middle Ages King Ferdinand took an oath under the tree and vowed to respect the laws and traditions of the Biscayans. In 1875 another king, Don Carlos, promised his respect for the Biscayan laws. Many political leaders and representatives from provinces held assemblies under the tree, and crucial decisions about the community were made. Also Franco led troops into Guernica and bombed and captured the town, but they guarded the tree and preserved its symbol of nationalism.

3. What was its importance in the past and present to the Basque people?

The tree of Guernica was very important because its has been there through the good and bad times of the Basque history. In the earlier history of the tree it was used as a meeting place for the people of Biscay. Many representatives were sent by different people of high authority to try and resolve conflicts within the community. Many meetings took place under this tree until 1876.This was because the laws that had used to govern the people of Biscay had been replaced with new ones. That was until 1979 when the meetings resumed. The current building that is near the tree today was built in 1826, and now influencial people within the community are to swear oath under this tree. These have become very important symbols in this culture because many historical events have taken place under the tree, and it has brought people of the Basque country together.

4. How does this landmark reflect the culture of the Basque Country and Spain?

This landmark reflects the culture of the Basque Country and Spain because it stayed strong through the good and bad times of its history. It had withstood all the major changes and wars that have gone on in its country. In earlier times, it was a tree that helped keep their government in order by spending two representatives from each province, and today it is where leaders swear oath under this sacred tree. Its importance in its society has brought together the people of the Basque country only to make them stronger. This tree is the place where many crucial events have taken place. This has made it even more important to the Basque people. Even after all this time has passed it has been an important symbol in the life of the Basque people, which only shows how important is it for them to keep their traditions.

5. What caused this oak tree to gain a symbol of nationalism?
The many meetings and assemblies held under this tree in the town of Biscay created a feeling of nationalism within the community and they were brought together through this tree. It also prevailed through the bombings of Guernica, so it symbolized the nationalism throughout the province and showed that they loved their region. It was a place where kings from Castile and other provinces recognized Biscay as an independent nation and shows that they respect their laws and customs. Now today, they still have this tree standing to symbolize nationalism and the oak tree is a symbol on the weapons and an oak tree leaf is the logo for the government.

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Overview of the Basque Country

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By: Megan Miller and Nicolette Amstutz

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